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To utilize my knowledge and skills, from my thirty-plus years of being a veterinary technician, to breed quality Pekingese Puppies at an affordable price for deserving homes. To ensure a happy childhood and a positive beginning in life for all of my babies. To raise my babies in a typical home environment and to ensure an easy transition to their new homes. To educate and inform all new owners in all aspects of dog psychology, medical care and preventative medicine. To be available for all my new puppy owners for questions and/or advice for a lifetime.

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All About Pekingeses

About the Pekingese

    Pekingese are a well-balanced, compact breed of Chinese origin. Even though they are small dogs, they are courageous, bold and durable. They were bred with flat faces and bulgy eyes, a heavy, broad front end and crooked, bowed front legs to appear scary and tough.

    Pekingese are affectionate and loyal, intelligent, direct and independent. They make good watchdogs but do not generally bark a lot. Pekingeses are sophisticated, regal and dignified, and provide lives full of fun and personality!

 Pekingese puppies and adults get along well with children and anyone who treats them well. If you respect the Pekingese, the Pekingese will respect you. They are not tolerable of being teased, as they are far too smart for that and will simply not play that game. They do not do well when mishandled, negatively spoken to or physically threatened, as they will become defensive and fearful. Pekingese personalities differ, as all breeds of dog, some are bold and some are shy. I will work with you to determine the personality that best suits you and your lifestyle.

   Pekingese love the outdoors, just hanging out on the deck or under a tree, or running and chasing each other all day. But they also enjoy lounging in the house, especially in hot, humid weather. SEE my AIRWAY DISEASE page.

    Pekingese may be slightly stubborn, but can be easily trained with positive reinforcement, and make wonderful companions. Simply let your Pekingese(s) know every day that you love them, and they will be very willing to do what you want them to.

    Pekingese may not be very athletic, but they will run and play periodically throughout the day, usually in 20-30 minute intervals. They enjoy walks, usually only one mile or shorter, depending on their anatomical structures. Due to their flat faces (brachycephalic), they do not tolerate heat and humidity very well. On hot and humid days, I recommend limited time outside and no long walks.     SEE my HEAT STROKE page.

    As with other long-backed breeds, the Pekingese is prone to back injuries (herniated disc), especially if they are allowed to jump up onto objects like your couch, bed, etc. It is best to avoid this type of activity, especially for the older Peke. SEE my DISK DISEASE page.        

My Pekingese

      My Pekingese are bred for temperament, conformation and coat quality. My breeding stock includes dogs with variations of coat quality, coat length and body size. I have several dogs that are from champion bloodlines and show-quality kennels, and several dogs that are pet quality.

     I offer several coat variations in order to suit different personal preferences. The coats of my Pekingese range from silky, double-coats to full, profuse double-coats. The silky coated dogs require much less grooming than the (show-quality) dogs that have a thick, profuse double-coat.  

    I breed SMALL TOY Pekingeses, which are between 8-10 pounds full grown, and I occasionally have SLEEVES, which are under 6 pounds full grown. I also breed the AVERAGE SIZE Pekingeses, which is between 12-16 pounds.   

    I also choose my breeding dogs with forelegs that are straighter than the breed standard, in an attempt to avoid the genetic problems associated with moderately bowed legs.  

   My puppies are treated with respect from the moment that they are born. They are individually handled gently every couple of hours. I cuddle them, talk softly to them and give them lots of belly rubs.  I absolutely NEVER yell at my puppies or threaten them in any way, shape or form. I NEVER strike or hit any of my adults or puppies. My puppies are NEVER dropped, stepped-on or harmed in any way, shape or form.

     All of my puppies are raised under-foot in my house and are a big happy part of my family. They have a large backyard that I created just for them, it includes a sandbox, a large dog house, a shady willow tree and two swimming ponds, (or large bowls of water, as the girls like to call them), to indulge their natural instincts. They love to take their toys outside to play with them and I wash, dry and inspect all of the toys weekly or monthly. I currently work from home, so my dogs are supervised and loved all day long.  

    My doggie room is air conditioned and heated. All of my dogs are litter-boxed and/or puppy pad trained. My doggie room is equipped with a large grooming table with all necessities, medical supplies and diagnostic equipment, including a microscope, a centrifuge,  and a suction machine.  I test my own fecal samples,  ear smears and tear production. I also vaccinate all of my adults and puppies.  

   I personally groom my dogs weekly and bathe them once a month, or when otherwise necessary!

Airway Disease Heat Stroke Disk Disease

My Backyard is for the dogs! Complete with a

Dog House, Willow Tree & Sandbox.

The Dogs’ Two Swimming Ponds and

their much loved Little Red Bridge.

(p.s. I am aware that “Pekingese” is Proper Grammar in both Singular & Plural forms. However, I choose to add an “S” at the end, as it is my Personal Preference. Thank You.)

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