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Ten Years ago I went to a Pet Store with my friend who wanted to buy a Turtle for her son...and I walked out with an 8 month old Japanese Chin, that I named Bello-Mento (in Italian it means Handsome Chin).

   Being a Puppy Mill Survivor, Bello had been kept in a 2 foot square cage his entire Puppy hood, until I found him. Soon after taking him home, my Vet and I realized that he had Hemophilia A, a deficiency in the secondary clotting factor, to which there is no preventative. My vet recommended that he never be active, never play with other dogs and be kept on a leash for his whole life. But how could I deny him all that life and I could offer him?

   We have had our share of Bleeding Episodes, costly Veterinary Bills and a Transfusion at 1 year of age. For 10 years, my Bello remained Healthy and has had no major problems, while enjoying Life to the Fullest, as together we both defied the odds.

    However, Bello became Hind-End Paralyzed a few days ago. I feared that surgery could be fatal, as he could react negatively to the necessary blood transfusions. Even being on a fixed income, I managed to scrape together a $1,000 deposit to go ahead with the spinal surgery that he required if he was to walk again.

    Bello made it through the surgery, but he required an extensive effort to keep him alive and well. He will stay in the hospital for a few days, but I am desperate to raise money to pay his bill in order to take him home.

My Handsome Bello-Mento became Paralyzed on April 1st, and Required Spinal Surgery.

Bello 1 Year Old, Chyna 6 Years Old, & Elsa 3 Years Old.

Bello and Elsa 2005.

Bello & Mio-Man August 2005.

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Every Single Dollar Donated to my Handsome Man's Veterinary Cost is GREATLY APPRECIATED by Myself, Elsa-Dolce, Mio-Man Amore, Damita-Thalia, Aldo "The Hitman" Capo, Dante-Caprina, Cameo di Valore, Skye-Blu "The Skye is the Limit", Macchia's I See Spots, Amato dio Amadeo, Shasta J'Adore, Raven's Crystal Halo, Dalia Rhiannon, and Arria Juno.



Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bello began Coughing and Hemorrhaging Friday evening, and is in the Hospital in the Oxygen Cage. He has received a Plasma Transfusion, but sadly it did NOT work. I am desperate for additional DONATIONS to SAVE Bello’s Life.