The Stages of Conception.


Heat Cycle & Breeding

Most Dogs come into their Heat Cycles every 6-7 months for their entire life., while others can cycle every 8-10 months. Heat Cycles can begin to occur s early a 5 months of age, however, it is NOT recommended by experts to breed a female before the age of One Year, to heighten the percentage of healthy puppies, breeding should only be done when the female is 1 Year of Age. During the First 7-10 days, the Heat Cycle produces a bloody discharge, which is only attractive to young, inexperienced males, and is NOT the correct time to breed.

The Best Time to breed a female is between Day #10 and Day #16, with some females continuing estrus up to Day #19 and #20. At this time, the discharge turns to a Straw-Color, and attracts mature, experienced males.

Male dogs will breed to females in their Heat Cycle several times a day if they are allowed, and is definitely NOT recommended, as it takes at least 24 hours for the sperm to reach peak counts again. For the best results, breeding should be done once a day for 3-4 days in a row. This will also prevent unnecessarily large litters with small puppies.

Some females are very receptive to a mounting male, while others are totally against it. If the female is not receptive, Artificial Insemination would be best to eliminate stress to the female.

During the breeding, the male’s penis becomes enlarged in the female’s vagina, and is too large to remove. This is totally normal, and the dogs should NOT be pulled apart, as it can damage the female’s vagina and break the male’s penis bone. The pair is usually connected for 15-20 minutes, during this time, the pair must be held absolutely still and calmed accordingly. Once the male’s penis returns to normal size, it will slip out.



Female dogs are pregnant between 57 and 63 days. During this time, pre-natal vitamins are recommended, as well as a balanced diet. Two Weeks after the breeding, the female will begin to gain weight, usually a few ounces every couple of days. At this time, she will become more hungry, and she should be fed a generous amount of food. If the female is extremely hungry, three to four smaller meals can be fed throughout the day.

At 4-5 weeks into their pregnancy, the female will appear to have a larger, rounded belly. You may or may not notice an increase in mammary size.  If and when the female gain significant weight, it may be necessary to carry her up and down stairs, discourage jumping, etc.

Around 6-7 weeks into their pregnancy, you may or may not be able to hear fetal heartbeats with a pediatric stethoscope. At 7 weeks, you should begin to feel the babies kicking and moving. Once you feel the babies moving substantially, you are usually on the 7-10 day Count-Down to Whelping.

Close to Day #57, you may or may not notice the female discharge a mucous plug, which is normal. Twenty-Four hours before Whelping, the females temperature will droop below 100, she will usually totally top eating.

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Heat Cycle & Breeding